Sunday, July 15, 2018

Utah Summer 2018

We just returned from the most wonderful visit to Utah!!  How I miss that beautiful state and the incredible mountains!!!

We started our visit with a few days at a cabin with some of our favorite cousins!  Grins enjoyed the mountains, trees and 4 wheeler so much he didn't even mind being surrounded by all girls!! :)

The girls had a blast being silly together!  The favorite activity of the trip was "playing school" with "Miss Sophy" as the teacher.  We laughed that we are on summer vacation yet they want to play school!

While in Utah, we hiked to Lake Mary to visit the resting spot of my dear friend Bea.  I miss her dearly!  But being there in her special spot on Lake Mary was so peaceful and serene, I knew it was the perfect place for her.  We enjoyed sharing some silence and some fond memories and gratitude we felt for having had such a lovely person in our lives. (Sadly, our Dad was ill and couldn't come with us, but he was there in spirit)

The hike was hot, very dusty, and we were short on water, but my sweet children took it all in stride.  These four mean everything to me.

We paid a visit to Thanksgiving Point and recreated a picture we took 7 or 8 years ago.  The kids look a LOT different but the shark hasn't changed a bit! ;)

Likely because I booked our airline reservations at night after a very busy day, I somehow managed to select a SEVEN HOUR layover in Denver!!  What was I thinking?!  Initially we planned to go explore Denver but since we'd been traveling since 3am and most things were closed for the holiday, we just slept in the airport.  We did squeeze in a bit of exploring while we were there, though, and enjoyed some rides on the "underground railroad" at the Denver airport! :)

Wiggles, a Girl On The Run

Our little Wiggles joined "Girls on the Run" this year and just ended the season by running a 5k!  Her good friend ran with her and Wiggles wore a whistle, and whistled every time the two of them got separated.    She was SO excited, and we were SO proud of her!  Our little sweetheart is really growing up!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Christmas 2017

Sadly, I was too busy cooking and struggling with back pain so I didn't get many pictures of Christmas!  But here are a few to prove we did enjoy it! :)

This little guy enjoyed helping me shop for Christmas!!
 especially when the mall had firetrucks! :)
 Christmas was COLD! Look at those rosy cheeks after just a minute on the back deck!
 Of course, we had to build gingerbread houses!

And visit Santa and his reindeer!

Scratch was excited to get an exercise bike to use while Mommy exercises on the treadmill!!

The kids sure had fun when their cousins came to play!!

Angel's birthday party "Cupcake Wars"

Though her birthday was a few months ago, it's still so hard to believe our little Angel is a TEENAGER!!  I remember the day she was born as if it were yesterday!  The years really have flown by!  Angel is such a sensitive, kind-hearted girl.  She's always the first to notice if I'm having a hard day, and the very first to try to help me in any way she can.

She worried about making friends after moving to a new place but already had dozens of friends by her birthday (only a few months after starting school)!  It was hard for her to narrow down which friends to invite to her party, as she was terribly worried about hurting someone's feelings when leaving them out.  She ultimately invited some church friends and some school friends and we ended up with a great group of girls playing "Cupcake Wars".  They had a great time and it was so fun to get to know some of her new friends!

Random photo dump

I've been organizing my photos lately and some are so random they don't really 'belong' anywhere.  So here they are, for your viewing pleasure.  I love my kids!!

That time we went roller skating and Scratch picked up a girlfriend!  They skated all around together - adorable!  He finds girlfriends almost everywhere we go....he will point to a girl and say "Hey Mommy - That my gill (how he pronounces girl)".  Cutest kid ever!!

What happens when Scratch gets my phone:

Too many trips to the pet store to get crickets for the lizard! :)

Angel's cultural project at school - she did a great job!

Scratch's many hair-dos:

"helping" with the laundry

grocery store horsie ride!
 look who found his big brother's nerf bullet collection!

 microwave s'mores! yum!
 Wiggles made a hat for a book report about "Percy Jackson"

At the pet store to get crickets for the lizard, the kids fell in love with a puppy!

 Enjoying our local pool!

Our neighbors got chicks! Scratch was in love!